Group RRSP

In partnership with some of our employer groups, we have launched a very popular employee RSP payroll plan. This plan provides you with the tax savings upfront and the convenience of making your RSP contributions directly from your paycheque.  The contribution amount is taken before your paycheque is taxed, reducing your tax burden immediately.  Contributions are then deposited into your RRSP as specified. In effect, you receive a tax refund throughout the year and your tax credit is working for you sooner.

It takes just 2 minutes to SIGN UP or SWITCH OVER to Comtech Fire! Just visit the Employee Self Serve (ESS) on the Bell Employee Benefits website and enter the amount you want deducted. Then click on the link to Comtech Fire to complete your 2-Minute RRSP Payroll Plan application and fax it in. Contact us if you would like to receive the 2-minute Step-by-Step guide. It’s a smart solution, savings for tomorrow’s retirement, while saving on your taxes today.


  • Full service financial package
  • Competitive rates


  • More paycheque power
  • A full range of investment options
  • Free professional investment advice

For more information, call your branch.